Contact Charlie for a project or one-on-one  consultation.  Get expert, objective advice that will save you money and help your home improvement projects running smoothly. 

Project Consulting


Looking to update or remodel your home but don’t know if you need an architect, a contractor, or if you can do the work yourself? How much should you expect to pay?  Should you act as your own general contractor?  Or maybe you already have several estimates for a project and want to know which to select, or which estimate includes exactly what you expect.  (Hint:  It’s not always the cheapest.  Grades of materials, allowances, and services vary from estimate to estimate, often resulting in added costs along the way.) 

Have projects around the house that you want to complete on your own but need some advice from a professional?  Let Charlie spend an afternoon with you to answer all your questions, give expert advice, and get you started.  Save money by doing projects yourself and learn from a pro.